Christina and I grew up together and were both best friends and sisters. She broke her neck in a diving accident in June 2005 which left her paralyzed from the chest down. She had no functional movement and required assistance for every single task, from getting dressed in the morning, to going to the bathroom, to eating, to scratching an itch. She lost all freedom and independence in an instant.

She had great difficulty accepting this loss and was dissatisfied with her quality of life (or lack thereof). After much consideration, research, and consultations with medical professionals/lawyers/family and friends, she decided to initiate her right to refuse food, water, and medical intervention on October 1, 2011. She continued taking the necessary oral medications for pain and anxiety, and she finally passed on December 1, 2011.

She frequently wrote about her thoughts and feelings in her blog, and she also wrote a book which can be purchased on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

You can read more about her story there, or here on my blog.

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