Book #22 of 2014: Where She Went

I read If I Stay by Gayle Forman a few years ago when it came out, and it was OK. I enjoyed the general story, but there was a lot of rambling about music that I just couldn’t get into. I actually forgot most of the story, so I skimmed through the whole book as a refresher before I started Where She Went.

Where She Went continues the story after Mia’s accident and explains the relationship afterward from Adam’s perspective. It’s a few years later and they have completely lost touch. Adam is a famous rock star traveling the world, and Mia is an accomplished cello player. He runs into her one night when he is out wandering around NYC trying to avoid panic attacks related to his upcoming world tour, and they spend the evening into the wee hours reconnecting.

I liked this book slightly more than the first in the series. It was fun to see things from Adam’s point of view, as he is much less whiny and annoying than Mia. Once again there was WAY too much music talk for my taste, so I found myself skimming those parts if they started to drag on too much. I don’t really understand the superfans of these two books, but I suppose everyone is different and has different likes when it comes to books and writing styles. If you read If I Stay, I would recommend reading this one if only to finish the story and get some closure.

3 thoughts on “Book #22 of 2014: Where She Went

  1. Did you get to see the movie? I thought it was pretty good!

    Hoping you get back to blogging soon [: I miss seeing your posts! I’m just getting back to mine too. I’ve really got to do better with my consistency!

    • I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s on my list!

      I’ve been such a slacker all summer with my blog. I’ve been debating whether or not I want to continue with it, but I’m leaning towards keeping it. Hopefully I can find some motivation to write soon!

      • You should definitely take some time to see it!

        Well in case this helps, I have been a slacker almost all year! I’m just now getting back to my poor neglected blog. Sad that I left it alone for so long because I was doing really well with it. I do hope you find some motivation and keep your blog. You have plenty of wonderful things that you’ve shared [:

        Good luck!

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