Book #20 of 2014: Have a Little Faith

I picked up this book mostly because I enjoy Mitch Albom’s writing and it was slim pickin’s at the library. I’m definitely more of a fiction fan and I don’t read much non-fiction at all, but as I’m in the middle of a crisis of faith, this book seemed appropriate.

This is a story of two different, but similar, men: Rabbi Albert Lewis and Pastor Henry Covington. The Rabbi asks Mitch Albom to write his eulogy, which prompts many visits and interviews so that Mitch can acquire enough firsthand knowledge to deliver a heartfelt and personal speech when the time comes. The Rabbi shares stories about his past, his marriage, his congregation, and his beliefs about life and death.

Henry Covington had a rough time growing up, and led a life full of violence, drugs, and alcohol. He finally hit rock-bottom and was prompted to clean himself up and do good, which leads him to be the pastor of a small, but faithful, Christian congregation in Detroit. Their church has holes in the roof, no heat, and should probably be knocked down and rebuilt, but none of the churchgoers mind because they are there for the community and the worship rather than the surroundings.

This was a quick read since it’s a pretty short book, and it was enjoyable to read about everyone’s transformations. It wasn’t my favorite, and it didn’t inspire any grand spiritual breakthroughs on my part, but it was a warm and fuzzy story that made me feel good.


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