Book #13 of 2014: An Abundance of Katherines

Colin Singleton has been dumped 19 times, and every single of one those women has been named Katherine. After the most recent dumping, Colin and his best friend, Hassan, embark on a road trip to explore the world and get their minds off of reality. They end up in The Middle of Nowhere, TN, and meet a girl named Lindsey who works at the general store. In a completely unrealistic turn, Lindsey’s mom invites Colin and Hassan to stay with them for an indefinite period of time as long as they help her interview her employees at the tampon-string factory to record their memories of the town. Strangest premise ever.

This was my first John Green book. I’ve been trying to get my hands on The Fault in Our Stars, which everyone is raving about, but it’s constantly out at the library. This book was OK. By the end of about chapter 3, I had had enough of the words “fug” (in all its various conjugations) and kafir. I didn’t get the whole “fug” thing — reading it quickly makes it sound just like the f-bomb, which I know is the point, but then why not just use the real word? Even after the characters discuss it and Colin explains why they use it, it was still beyond annoying.

Also? The author has a really, really, REALLY loose definition of what it means to be dumped. In my opinion, you must be in a relationship to be dumped. The author believes that any rejection at all can be considered dumping, which doesn’t make a lick of sense. If a guy asks a girl out and she says no, she is rejecting him, not dumping him. Some of the Katherines in Colin’s life didn’t technically dump him because they were never together in the first place.

Overall, though, it was a decent story and it held my attention enough to get me to finish it. Some of the characters were a little on the stereotypical side, and the plot was completely transparent, but it was mindless entertainment that didn’t require too much thinking (except the math parts, which I skipped).

2 thoughts on “Book #13 of 2014: An Abundance of Katherines

  1. This was my first experience with John Green and I enjoyed it, though I agree that the sheer number of Katherines “dumping” him was pretty loosely defined. How does one even know that many women named Katherine? I think I’ve been skittish to grab The Fault In Our Stars because of all the hype . . . to date, my favorite Green is Looking For Alaska!

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