Erin vs. the Post Office

Erin: 0

So. My husband and I don’t normally exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day or even celebrate at all, but this year we both separately thought it would be a nice thing to do. We ended up buying each other cards and gifts without even knowing the other was planning the same thing!

Hubby ordered my gifts online, and what with the snowpocalypse happening around here, the packages were delayed. We can’t have things delivered to our house because there are some lovely people who like to follow the mail/UPS/Fedex trucks around the neighborhood and then steal people’s packages. What makes this even more frustrating is that we live in a nice neighborhood. Things like that should not happen here, but they do, so we ship everything to my dad’s house instead.

The tracking said that they should have been delivered on the 14th, but they weren’t. We checked again on Saturday and it said they were being delivered that day. I had been at my dad’s earlier and I locked the front porch when I left, forgetting about the mail needing to be delivered. At about 4:00pm, we trudged out in the 67th snowstorm of the season (I may be bitter and exaggerating) and went to my dad’s. No package. There was a mail truck down the street, but it pulled away and left. We waited for a little while and then came home.

Later that night hubby checked the tracking info again (we’re nothing if not obsessive!) and it had been updated to say that there had been an attempted delivery at 4:08pm, another at 6:00pm, and that a delivery notification had been left each time. Uh, no. I checked with my dad the next day, and he said there weren’t any notifications and definitely no deliveries.

Of course the following day was a holiday, which meant no mail delivery. On Tuesday morning, the tracking had been updated again to say that the package was ready to be picked up from the post office. I sacrificed my lunch break to go over there and wait in line. When I got up to the counter, I explained the situation.

USPS Lady: Where is the delivery notification?
Me: I don’t have one.
USPS: I can’t give you a package without the notification.
Me: I understand that, but the tracking says there were TWO notifications left when in fact there were NONE. How do I get my package?
USPS: I need the notification.
Me: …
USPS: (without checking the tracking on her computer or anything) They’ll probably deliver it today. They took a lot of packages out this morning.
Me: Let’s say it’s not delivered today, just like it wasn’t delivered on Friday or Saturday. Then what?
USPS: (stares at me blankly, exhales) Here’s the number to the supervisor upstairs.

Seriously? You can’t even look in your computer and tell me where my stuff is? If it’s on a truck or sitting in the back being held hostage because I don’t have a nonexistent delivery notification?

After work, I drove to my dad’s and sure enough, there were two packages there. But, instead of being inside the dry porch with the rest of the mail, they had been left in a puddle of melted snow, being dripped on by the baseball bat-size icicles hanging off the front porch. Thanks a lot, USPS. Awesome job.

4 thoughts on “Erin vs. the Post Office

  1. Ah, yes — I know these frustrations well! Generally I have a pretty positive time with USPS, but there are certainly some moments I want to holler in aggravation with packages going up and down the East Coast when they were supposed to be delivered a week ago. Thank goodness for tracking, though! Glad your packages eventually arrived!

  2. I have no mail delivery at my house. We HAVE to have a PO Box. When we move we won’t but we also have package stealers there so I’m not sure what we will do. USPS really isn’t that stellar in Customer Service, in general, and its a shame. Hopefully your gift didn’t get ruined because it was sitting in the rain.

      • Jerks! At least the goods were safe. I love our post office right now because like 2 people work there and they know everyone in the town. When we move we go back to the bigger post office and they are just not nice in there.

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