Book #3 of 2014: The First Phone Call from Heaven

It has been a trying week, you guys. A week full of emergency room visits, and leaving work early, and fretting, at least one panic attack, and just now, a teaspoon of Nutella straight from the jar to ease the anxiety. Normalcy is slowly resuming, and I actually found a few minutes to myself to write, so I thought I would FINALLY post a review of Mitch Albom’s The First Phone Call from Heaven.

I’ve been a fan of good ole’ Mitchie since Tuesdays with Morrie, I loved The Five People You Meet in Heaven, so I was beside myself with excitement when I saw he had a new book coming out. I didn’t even read the description — I knew from the title that I had to have it, so on to the Christmas list it went.

The gist is that a handful of people in some middle-of-nowhere small town start getting phone calls from their deceased loved ones. The calls are brief, usually only lasting a few minutes, and they don’t get into too much detail. They seem to come on the same day every week. One woman in particular starts speaking out about the calls and that inspires others to discuss theirs as well. It soon hits the national media and the town becomes overrun with reporters, news crews, and religious fanatics.

There’s at least one person who doesn’t buy it all — he lost his wife not long ago and is struggling to adjust to life fresh out of prison, AND with a young son who misses his mom more than anything. He begins investigating and eventually discovers the source of the calls, but not without a shock or two along the way.

I really enjoyed this book, both because I like Albom’s writing style and because the subject of the story fascinated me. For obvious reasons, the idea of receiving phone calls (or ANY kind of communication, really) from people in Heaven is high on my wish list. Maybe the fact that I don’t think it’s impossible added to my excitement over the book? I mean, I think anyone who has lost someone has at one time or another hoped for some sign that they are OK, happy, and still in the loop on what we’re all up to down here on Earth. This book, even though it’s fiction, gave me hope (however false and deluded it might be) that just maybe there is life after death.

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