Bubble Bath Fail

When we first toured this house, a HUGE selling point to me was the jacuzzi tub in the downstairs bathroom. I fell in love instantly, imagining countless nights spent relaxing in it with a glass of wine and yummy smelling candles. Next month will be two years since we’ve moved in and I’ve used that tub exactly FOUR times. It takes forever to fill, and it’s in the bathroom off of the kitchen, which it turns out is not the most relaxing place to be. Who knew?

Yesterday I came home from work and found myself all alone. Hubby had parent-teacher conferences until late, and there was really nothing to be done around the house (or at least nothing that I felt like doing). My neck/shoulder/back was still hurting (still is, actually) so I thought it would be the perfect time to take advantage of the tub. It hadn’t been used in quite awhile, so I followed the directions from the home inspector to fill it with hot water and vinegar and let the jets run to clean them out. Thirty-freaking-minutes later, I was finally ready to take my bath. I cranked open the faucet, poured in a bunch of bubbles, and waited. I got impatient so I climbed in while it was still filling (don’t lie, you know you do that too) and I found the water surprisingly…. lukewarm. Huh. I checked to make sure I didn’t have the cold on. Nope, just the hot. All the way on. I put my hand under the flowing water to test it and it wasn’t hot. In fact, it was almost chilly. OK. I turned the faucet off and sat in the room temperature half-filled tub for about 5 minutes.

I turned the water back on and it was a little warmer. I figured the hot water heater just needed to recuperate. I waited and waited for the water to get above the jets, but the water kept getting colder and colder. This was not panning out at all how I imagined. Once the jets were just about covered, I pressed the button.

Well, dear readers, there is a REASON why they tell you not to turn them on until the tub is full. And that reason is that they will spray soapy water ALL. OVER. your bathroom, soaking every single thing in it. It was like something out of a cartoon. It happened in slow motion, yet it happened SO MUCH as well. The walls were drenched, my iPad (you know, for the soothing relaxing music I was going to listen to) was soaked, and I was still sitting in a puddle of cold, bubbly water. I gave up and drained the stupid tub at that point, now so much more stressed than when I started. Luckily, the iPad was in a case and didn’t get too badly wet. And on the bright side, the walls and floor got a quick wash, so maybe it is a win after all.

15 thoughts on “Bubble Bath Fail

  1. Pics or it didn’t happen…

    I’ve actually seen enough YouTube videos to get a good idea of the scene. Thankfully all is okay!

    Also, I always chuckle when someone says “hot water heater”, I have a scene that plays in my head with an engineer scratching his head talking to his boss that goes “But the water is already hot, why are we heating it again!?”, and the boss goes “They want it hotter!”. Also they’re tiny (like 2″ tall) people, with a full sized water heater.

    …what? Am I the only one!?

    • I just saw this comment now. You know, I’m usually the person who points out redundancies like “hot water heater” but that one somehow escaped me! Now it’s irritating me.

    • I briefly contemplated running into the kitchen and boiling a big spaghetti-pot of water to heat things up, but then I realized how much work it would be so I just abandoned the whole project.

  2. I have a soaking tub, no jets. Two years and have never set foot in it. The water is never warm enough in there. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Cheers to clean walls though. lol! Glad your iPad was ok!

  3. Haha! We’ve had a jacuzzi tube in our last two houses and we NEVER use it. I’m not sure why, since I love hot tube. But I’m beginning to think it’s a waste of bathroom space.

  4. Haha it sure is a win win ๐Ÿ˜€ LOVED that amusing story. I know that wasn’t amusing for you ๐Ÿ˜› I am still giggling on the thought of what happened to you ๐Ÿ˜€ You have a lovely blog here ๐Ÿ™‚ Hugs xx

  5. Hahaha! Nothing makes me grumpier than having a giant mess to clean up – especially when I’m naked : )

    You deserve to treat yourself to a massage. I hope your neck and back feel better soon.

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