An Open Letter to Annoying People at Target

Dear People Who Like to Use the Target Parking Lot Exit as an Entrance,

I get it; you missed the entrance and now you don’t know what to do, so you think you’ll just sneak in the exit. I’d say this is OK if it was once in awhile that I see it happen, but you know what? It’s EVERY SINGLE TIME I am there. Every single time I am trying to leave the parking lot, one of you is sitting there waiting for me to move so you can get in.

During the day this is annoying. At night, it’s downright dangerous. It’s hard enough to see at night which cars are in which lanes as they go speeding down Route 22, but it’s next to impossible when it’s pitch black outside AND you’re sitting right in my line of vision. Giving me dirty looks and rude hand gestures will get you nowhere. What would you like me to do? Use the entrance as my exit? Also, you know how it’s hard to turn into the exit because it’s angled funny? Well, it’s done that way for a REASON: so that those of us exiting can merge into the oncoming traffic easier. And also probably to discourage people like you from doing exactly what you’re doing.

I know it’s SO much easier to be lazy and feel entitled that you are above all the rules, rather than take the five minutes to go to the next U-turn and swing back around to enter the parking lot properly. I can guarantee that the socks or cereal or diapers or whatever it is you need to buy will still be there if you take your time and go around. It’s really not that hard. You can even SEE the U-turn from where you’re sitting.

Please, realize that you are not any more special than anyone else, and wherever you have to go and whatever you have to do is not any more important than what I, or anyone else who is trying to move on to the next store, have to do.



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