Dealing with Difficult People

We all have people that rub us the wrong way, people that we just don’t get along with. I understand that it is impossible to like everyone. But what do you do when you have to deal with someone day in and day out that you just cannot stand to be around?

I work with someone like this. We’ll call him Bob. Bob is loud and obnoxious and phony and a suck-up and rude and self-centered and pretty much every single thing that I dislike. Just the sound of Bob’s voice makes me want to hurl my stapler across the room in his direction. It doesn’t help that my bosses ADORE Bob. Bob can do no wrong in their eyes, which just makes his presence THAT much more annoying. He was out for about 6 months last year for family reasons, and the office was so calm and quiet and dare I say, pleasant, without him there. He came back in April and it’s been downhill ever since.

I work in a very small office – there are 9 of us total and 3 of those people are the bosses. We all sit in one open-plan room, so there is no getting away from anyone. It’s a very relaxed environment – if you come in wearing anything dressier than jeans people start asking questions. There is no HR department so anything goes as far as language, topics of discussion, etc. And believe me, everything and anything has been discussed at my job. I keep to myself and mind my own business because my opinions usually differ from the group’s and it’s just easier that way.

Bob will pick up the phone and talk to a client and then hang up and call that person every name in the book. And I mean EVERY name. My prudish nature and delicate disposition won’t allow me to repeat exactly what is said, so just use your imagination. F-bombs fly left and right for no reason whatsoever, and it’s not that I’m opposed to cursing when the situation calls for it, but just in every day conversation? At work? I don’t get it. Do we have to call every single client a whore or a bitch? It gets very old very quickly.

Bob has told me straight out that he is an excellent liar and can make anyone think he likes them when he really doesn’t. Once I heard that, I didn’t even bother with him anymore. I’m courteous and pleasant, but that’s about it. Why should I waste my time with someone who has admitted to me to being fake?

Bob also finds great joy in pointing out other people’s mistakes. He will loudly proclaim to the entire office whenever he finds something that’s wrong and then make a huge show of finding out who the culprit is. Needless to say, we’re all getting tired of this holier-than-thou attitude. Everyone makes mistakes; get over it.

Honestly, if Bob wasn’t there, I would hate my job slightly less than I do now. I could manage to get through the day without fantasizing about what it would be like to just not come back from lunch one day.

How do you deal with people that get on your nerves this badly? Do you just grin and bear it?

6 thoughts on “Dealing with Difficult People

    • All three bosses think that the sun rises and sets with Bob. They find him hilarious, and he can do no wrong. Unfortunately, they don’t believe in working from home (although I totally could do my job without having to physically be in the office). After they give out bonuses next month, I think it’s time to start seriously looking for something new!

  1. The whole bit about hurling your stapler at him is pretty hilarious! I think you should actually go for that! Haha! I am really sorry that you have to put up with his mess though. It’s not that work has to be such an uptight thing, but there are certain boundaries that people should respect for a workplace.

  2. UGH! Girl I know the feeling! There is always that one person that the management loves and is SOOOOO annoying! I just ignore them. Where I work people are so snarky and they will push you to get to the top. I just ignore ignore!

  3. Sadly I think there’s one in every workplace. It’s a shame you’re stuck in the same office with him.

    I generally ignore the milder annoyances; but call out the bigger stuff. Pick your battles kinda deal.

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