If This Doesn’t Melt Your Heart, I Don’t Know What Will

Batkid Saves the Day

I read about this briefly the other day but didn’t realize that it was all happening today. Miles Scott has been battling leukemia pretty much since he was born and is finally in remission. His wish was to be Batman for a day, so Make a Wish made that happen, transforming San Francisco into Gotham City complete with damsels in distress, bank robberies, and the Batmobile.

I already knew MAW was a fantastic organization, but this is just incredible. I work with them fairly regularly, granting children’s wishes to go to Europe and it always leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Although I’m removed from the family (the family contacts MAW, MAW contacts the travel agency, the travel agent contacts me) and they have no idea who I am, I still feel involved, like I’m part of something good and magical. This may be wrong, but I work on those trips the hardest. This may be the family’s last vacation together, so I want to make sure that they have a good time and get to have lots of fun together. I do my best to pick the right hotels for them and to give them quality tours that cover whatever the child is interested in.

When Christina’s little sister, Shavon, was younger, she was granted her wish to visit Disney World. The whole family got to stay at Give Kids the World Village and they made lifelong memories together there and at the parks. I still remember how excited Christina was when she got home and was telling me about it. She wasn’t excited for herself, though. She was thrilled that her sister got to have a special time just for her, that she wished something and it came true. That trip was back in the early 90s and Christina talked about it up until she passed away in 2011.

There is always so much doom and gloom in the news, that it’s nice to read about something so touching as this. Thousands of strangers came together to support this little boy and make his dream come true. What a wonderful way to end the week.

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