‘Tis the Season

Basketball season, that is. Today was the first practice for the third and fourth grade girls’ team, which my husband proudly coaches. He’s been coaching for six years, ever since our nephew was in third grade. Now it’s his sister’s turn and she is so excited that she couldn’t wait a second longer for practice to start so she had her brother walk her over to the gym 15 minutes early. Up until a couple of weeks ago they didn’t even have a team, but they’re up to nine players now and are technically allowed to compete. None of them, except one girl, have ever even touched a basketball before so this should be interesting. That being said, they weren’t nearly as bad as we were expecting, although none of them anticipated having to actually run and exercise at practice.

Aside from that, I’m still in a pretty craptastic mood that should last until about mid-January, BUT it means that I am seeking all kinds of comfort foods to lift my spirits. I’ve had an insane craving for grilled cheese lately, because well, who doesn’t like grilled cheese? I’ve ordered a Happy Waitress at pretty much every diner I’ve ever been to. However, I’m somewhat trying to get back on track and stop shoveling Twix and Milk Duds in my mouth every chance I get, so I wanted to find a way to make my buttery, cheesy sandwich slightly healthier. My favorite combo is American cheese and pepperoni, because YUM. I found a pretty good alternative:


Weight Watchers whole wheat bread, Kraft fat-free sharp cheddar singles, and Hormel turkey pepperoni. I can have SEVENTEEN slices of turkey pepperoni for 70 calories. I call that an epic win. Admittedly, on Sunday night when I first made this, I also microwaved a bowl of Campbell’s creamy tomato soup, but that was 300-something calories that just weren’t worth it, so on Monday I subbed that out for a heaping pile of green beans.


Excuse my dark blurry photos. It was late and I used my phone to take them because I’m lazy and I couldn’t be bothered to go find the camera while my cheese was getting cold. Anyway, I highly highly recommend this. Go make one and I promise you’ll love it.

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