What NaBloPoMo Has Taught Me So Far

We’re on Day 8 of NaBloPoMo and it has definitely been interesting. I’ve learned a lot so far:

1. Scheduling posts is a must. I work all day and have no access to my blog while there. When I get home at night, typically after 6pm, I work out, tidy the kitchen, figure out something for dinner, eat, help hubby with his work, and then go to bed. This leaves me about 20 minutes during my lunch break and maybe an hour at night (if I’m willing to stay up late) to come up with something witty and philosophical to write about. I need to write more on the weekends and schedule my posts to automatically upload during the week.

2. The prompts from Blogher.com and WordPress are not all that helpful (except, I admit, for this one). I’ve read them every day this week and none of them have seemed very exciting or thought-provoking. Not that I’ve been doing a stellar job on coming up with my own mind-blowing topics, but I guess I was expecting something different when it came to prompts.

3. Commenting on other blogs is key. Obviously if you comment on someone’s blog, they are in turn more likely to check out yours and return the favor.

4. Cross-posting on Blogher helps A LOT. I get a pathetically low number of visitors here, but I’ve noticed a teeny tiny increase in visitors since NaBloPoMo started. I was getting maybe 1-2 visitors per day and now I’m getting between 4 and 8. Still embarrassingly low, but technically my traffic has more than doubled!

5. Tags and categories are SO important to organize your posts. They enable you to view your stats based on topic, which obviously tells you what most of your readers are interested in and what you should be posting about more often.

3 thoughts on “What NaBloPoMo Has Taught Me So Far

  1. Yet again you remind me I need to post more… I should make a more personal blog, but I really don’t have much to say. I would have to make it separate too.
    I think once I get to a better living situation I can post more since I need to use my laptop, but don’t really have the room/time to for my photos.
    So what is NaBloPoMo?

    • NaBloPoMo is National Blog Posting Month. I took a challenger at blogger.com to post every single day for the month of November. I figured it would force me to practice writing, and they’re giving away iPads every week which isn’t such a bad incentive.

      I bet you have a ton to say but just don’t realize it. Look at me rambling on on my blog about nothing, but I enjoy it. I’m sure you have tons of funny Kaylin stories and lots of entertaining anecdotes about your current living situation.

      • I don’t have a very good social filter; so I tend to get in trouble by not sugar coating what I say… Just ask Killeen… lol

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