My New Toy!

Hubby and I have been debating buying me a laptop for years. I have an iPad that I love, but he’s wanted me to have a laptop so that I can do more and don’t have to wait for him to finish using the desktop (he’s a teacher and is constantly grading or lesson planning or paperwork-ing), but I’m cheap and I didn’t want to spend the money.

For my birthday this past September, he really wanted to buy me one but I told him not to. He listened. BUT, then I signed up for this writing class and participating on the iPad is really difficult. And typing on the iPad for any length of time gets kind of uncomfortable. So, we started researching different computers and narrowed it down to a Lenovo, an Alienware (which is the desktop that we have), and a MacBook. I really wanted the MacBook, but I couldn’t bring myself to justify the cost – it was almost $500 more than the others and I would primarily be using it for typing.

I consulted my friends who have laptops. Of course they all have MacBooks and told me how wonderful their machines were after dropping them off of sofas, hitting them, and generally throwing them around for years. Over the weekend I sat down and compared all 3 models, and then we went to the store to see the Mac in person. It was wonderful. We called Apple and asked the representative question after question about flash memory, SSD, retina display, etc.

Today I got a text from my husband saying, “Call me please” in the middle of the morning. Naturally I assumed that something horrible had happened. I ran out into the hallway and called him, to find out that he was on his way to the mall to pick up the computer and he just wanted to know if I wanted the protection plan. I came home from work and found this waiting for me:


What a way to end a Monday! To say I am smitten with it (and hubby) is an understatement. Blogging is so much easier!


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