Waxing Nostalgic

I won’t lie – I had to look up that phrase to make sure I had it right. I know I’ve heard it before, somewhere, but I can’t say I’ve ever actually used it before.

If you spend even 5 minutes on Pinterest, you’ll notice a huge resurgence in all things 80s and 90s – everyone seems to be reminiscing about TV shows, movies, trends, music, etc. As someone born in the early 80s who actually grew up in the 90s, I find it hilarious that all these early 20-somethings are exclaiming how much they miss the 90s. How old were you? Seven? Sorry, that doesn’t count. You don’t get to proclaim your undying love for NSYNC and Lisa Frank stickers, let alone NKOTB or slap bracelets.

All this virtual walking down memory lane got me thinking about all the things I loved as a teenager, one of which was Dawson’s Creek. Don’t lie, you know you loved it, too. I can honestly still remember watching the first episode (while on my cordless phone with one of my girlfriends) and being absolutely flabbergasted that Joey spent the night at Dawson’s house. IN HIS BED, no less. This was just unheard of. My pure, sweet, innocent mind could not wrap itself around the idea that these two crazy kids were having a co-ed sleepover. And, not ONCE, but MULTIPLE times, because she routinely climbed up the ladder through his bedroom window!

After re-watching My So-Called Life as an adult and realizing what a jerkface Jordan Catallano really was to Angela (thereby ruining my memories of JORDAN+ANGELA 4EVER as the perfect couple), I was a little nervous about what Dawson’s would look like through my older, jaded eyes. I admit – the first episode was rough to get through. I cringed a lot and rolled my eyes at the completely unrealistic vocabulary these teens were using, but you know what? I still totally love it. I’m halfway through season 3 thanks to Amazon Prime Instant Video, and I have to say, those 45 minute episodes really help me get through my elliptical workout every day. And because I have a horrible memory when it comes to movies and TV shows, I don’t have a clue what’s going to happen next. It’s like I’m watching it all for the first time!

One thing I noticed immediately, though, was that the music was completely different. I was all excited ready for Paula Cole to belt out I Don’t Wanna Wait while Dawson and Joey pranced around during the opening credits, but instead there was some other song I’ve never heard before. I figured that I probably just forgot that they didn’t wanna wait until the next season. No big deal. Except I ALSO noticed that the soundtrack during the episodes seemed suspiciously different, too. Didn’t a lot of up-and-coming artists become famous from this show? I remember a lot of singers and bands getting their start here, but yet I didn’t recognize a single song in season one. No matter, season two was bound to be different. Right?

Nope. Still the same weird opening song. Still no recognizable angsty late-90s love songs. Hmm. I did what anyone would do in this situation: I consulted Google. Google informed me that apparently the WB didn’t want to/couldn’t pay the fees for the rights to all the good music so they went ahead and used substitutes. This upset me far more than it should have. THEN, out of nowhere in season 3 (episode 3, I believe), Paula Cole came blaring out from my TV! And I thought I would feel better, like all was right in the world again. Except I didn’t. I got used to Run Like Mad and I Don’t Wanna Wait just didn’t sound right at all. This episode also finally featured songs that sounded familiar, but it still all felt wrong.

I remember when I was watching this show as a teenager how much I wanted to be like these kids. I really believed this was what life was like and I longed for a Dawson of my very own. Watching it now? Well, Dawson’s kind of a wishy-washy whiner. Exhibit A:

I also didn’t remember that Joey’s mom had died and how much they mention it throughout the series – that one hit me hard, especially since (of course) her mom died of cancer. It’s funny how you don’t notice things until you experience something and then all of a sudden it’s EVERYWHERE.

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