Some of My Favorite Blogs

Run Roll Repeat
This is my friend, Cyndi’s, blog. She writes about weight/food issues, her adorable daughter, and her fancy British husband. She’s Southern, so she can use phrases like y’all and bless her heart without sounding like a total tool like I would if I attempted to toss those around in Jersey.

Life; Paralyzed
This is my best friend, Christina’s, blog. Even though she passed away almost two years ago, I still feel like her story needs to be told, and who better to tell it than her? She wrote very honestly about what it was like being paralyzed from the chest down following a diving accident she suffered in 2005. Some of it is uncomfortable to read, but it’s full of her raw emotions and the truth about what her day-to-day life was like.

Paralyzed with JOY!
I don’t know Heather in person, but I found her blog through Christina’s. Heather is paralyzed from the neck down and chronicles her life in her blog. She posts informative articles about spinal cord injuries and her accident, as well as lots of fun photos of her family and friends. She has a terrifically upbeat attitude that is contagious.

Disney Food Blog
This one is fairly self-explanatory: a blog about all things food-related at the Disney parks. As I am a HUGE Disney fan and a large reason I enjoy the parks is the food and drinks, this website is perfect for me. I love reading the reviews of things I haven’t tried, and they post TONS of food porn pics. TONS.

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