Sometimes It’s OK to Be a Quitter

I took a big step last week and I quit something I’ve been doing for awhile now: Weight Watchers. In theory, this sounds like a bad thing, but I think it will be good for me. I haven’t tracked since sometime in mid-July and I’ve basically been throwing away $20 every month for nothing. Now, that’s not to say that WW doesn’t work or it’s a waste of money. It most certainly does work and I am proof of that. I’ve been and on-and-off member for the past 10 years and every time I join up again, it works. This most recent time, I went from 166 pounds to 134 – it took me a few years and a lot of work, and the numbers didn’t always move in the right direction, but still.



After (July of this year):

The problem is that I get bored and then I plateau. I need to change things up and keep my metabolism on its feet. I decided to give My Fitness Pal a try. I signed up for it way back when, when it first debuted and there was nothing in the database. I thought it sucked at the time. Now? Well, now it’s hugely popular and I have friends who use it and it has a TON of foods in the database (I’ve only had to add a couple really obscure things, but it even has most everything from Trader Joe’s already in there!).

I like that it gives me a breakdown of my carbs, fat, and protein intake per day and per week. It also shows me a breakdown of a variety of other vitamins and such so that I can really get a feel for where I need to cut back and what I need to include more. It provides a graph just like WW does, so that I can visually see my progress.

I’ve been using it for about a month now and although my weight is fluctuating, I’m seeing slight decreases. I haven’t been tracking religiously like I know I should, but I’ve been trying my best. I get frustrated when I go to the diner, for example, and I can’t figure out which “chicken quesadilla” to add from the list on MFP – so I give up and start over the next day. That’s probably a sign that I shouldn’t be going to the diner, huh?

I’m sure that at some point I’ll be a WW member again; I always go back to them. For now I’m taking a break and I think that’s OK.

4 thoughts on “Sometimes It’s OK to Be a Quitter

  1. I need to WW again… Went to the doctor last week, and I’ve gone over 200 (201). I never wanted to see that number, but I’ve been walking the line for some time.
    I’ll excuse myself with everything going on right now, but I need to be better! Soda is the first to go! I’m horrible about it…
    I also should start putting things in MFP again. I started when I got the FitBit, but stopped when I gave it to Killeen. I mainly used it for sleep tracking after I started CPAP.

    • Definitely give MFP another chance! I’m really liking it so far. I’ve been tracking more than I was on WW, but I need to find some motivation to not eat whatever I want.

      I’m not a huge soda person, but I do love me some Diet Coke. I stopped buying it for months and I was drinking strictly seltzer and tea – except if we went out to eat. I weaned myself, but now I have a new addiction: Diet Dr. Pepper. 😦

      • I’m more a Mountain Dew (Mtn Dew?) guy. It’s my version of the stereotypical coffee addiction. I would drink more tea, but I’m pretty picky about it and it ends up taking too long.
        I think we’re friends on MFP, not sure what is shared, but maybe we can motivate eachother to keep active and log stuffs. I’ll have to look into it.

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