It’s been quite a while

I knew I hadn’t posted in quite some time, but I had no idea that it’s been almost five months! All day long, I daydream about things to write when I get home, and then I actually get home and am exhausted and just lie on the couch watching tv.

When we bought this house, I thought that we made a good choice and we wouldn’t have to make any repairs because it all looked so pretty. How wrong I was. How very, very wrong. The water heater, stove, and washing machine were annoying. But the critters living in our family room wall have been driving me absolutely insane. We noticed the scratching noises the day we moved in, but we chalked them up to the wind/siding/wires and whatever else. As the year went on, and the noises became the distinct pitter patter of tiny rodent feet, we decided to call in a professional.

The first exterminator is one that my family has used for years. He did a thorough inspection of the house and put down a bunch of poison packets in the garage, basement, and behind the stove. He said it should get quieter in about two weeks. And it did. And then it started up again. We called him back, he put down more poison.

There was no improvement. I scoured Angie’s List for someone better and found another exterminator with fabulous reviews about getting rid of mice. He came out and spent about two hours inspecting the property and ended up putting bait boxes outside and a bunch of traps in the garage and attic. He seemed confident that he could stop the problem, although he was concerned that we were hearing noises during the day.

Again, no improvement. He came back and ended up giving us a partial refund and a phone number for a local wildlife expert. We called him and he came out, did an inspection, and still couldn’t tell us for a fact where the little bastards were getting into the wall. He put down more traps and ultimately told us we could either continue to ignore them (as the previous owners clearly had) or we could start ripping down drywall and siding. We opted to just ignore it. We’ve spent several hundred dollars and I’ve taken countless afternoons off of work to be here, and I’m just done.

Surprisingly, it’s gotten quieter. Although now I am hearing them run back and forth along the front of the house. We’ve only been here a little over a year and I’m already fantasizing about the day we can sell this house and buy something with a smaller yard and further away from the woods.

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