Three Things

I’ve recently discovered organization blogs, once again thanks to Pinterest. I am horribly disorganized. We’ve lived here for 10 months and still have an entire room of unpacked boxes, a basement full of I-don’t-know-what, and important papers thrown into random drawers, folders, cabinets, wherever.

I’ve tried making lists – on paper, on the iPad, on my phone – but I always seem to lose them/forget about them/ignore them because I get overwhelmed. I read a suggestion on one of the blogs I found to make a To Do list of three things to accomplish each day. That sounded doable, so I went in search of an app in my phone that would allow me to make checklists and cross things off as I completed them. I downloaded Color Note for free and it is exactly what I was looking for. I made a note for each day of the week and started adding things I wanted to get done by Friday.

Yesterday morning, my Monday list looked like this:


(Yes, I know there are more than three things on it. They were so easy, I thought I needed more of a challenge.)

By 11:00 pm last night, the list looked like this:



As an added bonus, I got a 15% discount on our car insurance AND I saved $50 by ordering the dehumidifier online and picking it up at the store. Yay for saving money!

Today I was not nearly as productive:


Baby steps.

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