Cake Pops Fail

So, cake pops have been all the rage lately. I first attempted making them at Easter and they turned out… Ok. A lot of them fell of the sticks and I didn’t know why. They seemed like a lot of work, and they were much harder than they look, so I hadn’t tried them again. Until last Friday when my niece slept over and insisted on making the pops.

We went to the grocery store and she chose chocolate cake and chocolate icing. We bought two of each, just in case, and grabbed a couple bottles of fun sprinkles, too. As the cake was baking, I consulted my friend, Lindsay, who is the cake pop master in my little circle of friends. I asked her if I was supposed to use a whole can of icing (I did the first time), and she said that I should only use half to 3/4 depending on how moist the cake is. Once the cake was cooled, we crumbled it with our hands (Mistake #1) and added half a can of icing (Mistake #2). The cake was super mushy at that point. We attempted to roll it into balls, but they weren’t staying together very well.


After letting them cool in the fridge for about 30 minutes we started putting the sticks in. I told my niece to put them about halfway in, but she’s only 7 and I don’t think she could judge the depth very well.


We put them back in the fridge to let the sticks solidify in the pops, and then we started melting the candy. We used Wilton candy melts in pink, blue, green, and yellow (Mistake #3). The pink worked pretty well and I was feeling really good about myself and my baking skills. Then we tried the blue and everything went down the toilet. The stupid pops wouldn’t stay on their sticks. It’s like the blue candy created some kind of vortex that just sucked them down because it was nearly impossible to dip them and get them back out whole. We had a whole lot of these:


It just got worse from there. It’s almost like the ones still waiting to be dipped were actually melting on the cookie sheet. They just fell apart. For every semi-decent looking pop, we had about three catastrophes.



Next time, I’m going to only use a quarter of the can of icing and I’ll crumble the cake like Bakerella instructs, instead of using my hands. I may also try almond bark for the coating instead of the stupid candy melts (even though they’re delicious).

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