16 Weeks

Today is my Week 16 weigh-in for Weight Watchers. I gained .4 pounds, which is not a lot AT ALL, but it’s still a gain and it bums me out.


I feel like after SIXTEEN weeks I should be down more than 13 pounds. However. I know WHY I’m not down more and I take full responsibility. Here is my plan:

Water – At the beginning I was drinking a couple of bottles per day, PLUS 3-4 cups of tea every night. Lately, I’ve barely been drinking one bottle and no tea.

Exercise – I’ve recently started walking every night (well, almost every night) after work. I do about 2 miles. This needs to be more consistent and I need to increase my distance.

Fruit and Veggies – I used to eat two bananas every day, vegetable soup for lunch, and I would have a veggie with dinner. I need to start doing this again.

Alcohol – When I first started WW, it was during Lent and I wasn’t drinking at all. Now I am having wine (and/or margaritas) just about every weekend and it totally kills my points.

Pizza – We order pepperoni pizza once a week for dinner. This is too much.

Ice cream – Again, I wasn’t eating desserts during Lent. Now I’m eating a WW ice cream cone every night for dessert. I have two boxes of Cadbury snack size bars in the freezer. They’re delicious, but they’re also FOUR points per bar (and each bar is, like, two bites). I can’t eat these every night.

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