Unintentional hiatus

I don’t know why I stop writing when I actually have stuff to write about. I get overwhelmed and then just walk away instead of trying to sort things out and get them out of my head.

Also, I’ve been less motivated to write much since I made my blog password protected. I got really paranoid when I saw a huge jump in visits after the articles about Christina came out and I didn’t want a bunch of people rummaging through my life trying to find bits and pieces about her here. I also didn’t want them judging me on anything I’ve posted, so I thought it was better to make it all private except for a select few people whom I actually trust.

SO. Here is what has been going on:

1) I went to the doctor a week and a half ago about a small pimply looking thing on my leg. It had been there for quite some time, but it looked infected because the center was dark. My doctor said he thought it was a cyst that would need to be removed, so he sent me to the dermatologist. She said that it didn’t look like a cyst, just an infection, so she squeezed all the gunk out of it (and dug around with what felt like a needle) and wrote me a prescription for a topical antibiotic. If it didn’t improve in a couple of days, she said, go fill the second prescription for an oral antibiotic.

It didn’t work. By Sunday night, my leg was so swollen and red and painful that I was debating sawing it off just to make it stop. We drove down the street to the ER (literally, we can see the hospital from our back door) at midnight and were the only ones so they saw me right away. The nurse said he thought it was a boil, but the discharge papers say cellulitis, which as far as I can tell is a fancy name for what could be a very scary skin infection. They gave me a second antibiotic and told me to go see my dermatologist in the morning.

She drained it again, with anesthesia thank the Lord, and told me to forget the other antibiotics, and gave me a third prescription. She drew marks on my leg and said if the redness spreads beyond them, I have to call her. If these meds don’t work, I’m looking at being admitted to the hospital, so let’s all keep our fingers crossed.

2) Our second wedding was this past weekend. It was very nice and I did ok with it even though there was a part during the ceremony where I had to bite the inside of my lip to keep from crying. The priest read an Irish marriage blessing which I thought was so fitting and something my mom would have loved. I decided to wear one of Christina’s bracelets and a necklace my mom gave me in order to have them both with me. After the ceremony, we picked up a bunch of pizza and wine and had the family over. It was fun and relaxed and perfect.

3) My in-laws bought us living room furniture, which I love. It’s almost exactly the same as our old set. We moved the old hand-me-down furniture into the living room, and the new comfy stuff into the family room. We’re going to be moving the computer desk out of here and into a corner of the living room, and then I want to get a rug for in here as well. Right now it’s tiled, which is cold and hard and awful. Then the room that we spend 95% of our time in will be furnished, and all we’ll have left to do is hang pictures and decorate. It’ll be nice to have one room that is completely done and OURS.

4) I need to find a new job. We’re not getting raises this year, but we are getting more responsibility, and I’m just tired of working somewhere I hate and being talked down to by stupid travel agents for very little money. If I’m not going to enjoy my job, I should at least be making more money to make it worth my time and unhappiness. As soon as the husband gets a contract for next year, I’m sprucing up my resume and throwing it out into the world.

I’m sure there’s more. I have a bunch of pictures to post, but I have to find time to edit them first. I’m hoping to practice more now that it’s getting nicer out.

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