Coming clean.

My friend Michelle is one of those people who always tells it like it is and isn’t shy about her opinions. I admire this about her because I’m always so preoccupied with what people are going to think that I hold back a lot of my emotions and opinions. She wrote a great post today about healthy living bloggers and being honest.

She mentioned that she ate 14 cookies this weekend and that she is an emotional eater. So am I! I feel inspired to start being honest about my eating habits – maybe posting them out here on the internet will make me more accountable.

This weekend I ate:

Friday – a kashi granola bar, chicken parm sandwich and fries, 4 slices of a medium pizza from Carabbas along with some bread and olive oil, an entire bottle of chianti, and 4 very large chocolate chip cookies.

Saturday – two pieces of bread (to soak up the alcohol, duh), two pieces of leftover pizza, at least three more of those cookies, mandarin orange chicken with rice.

Sunday – leftover chicken lo mein, two english muffins with butter and jam, potato chips, hors d’oeuvres, chicken taquitos, two slices of pepperoni pizza, two giant cookies.

Today – a kashi granola bar, a turkey sandwich with swiss cheese on a roll, three pieces of Russell Stover chocolates, one piece of random white chocolate, mandarin chicken with rice and broccoli. There are cookies in the oven.


I can’t keep eating this way. Not only am I never going to lose weight, it’s just unhealthy. I need a more balanced diet with more fruits and veggies.

I got on the elliptical for 20 minutes today and I feel proud of myself. It’s not much, but it’s a start.

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