So this happened.


I was unpacking and washing our glasses on Saturday night (I know you’re jealous), when a wine glass broke in my hand as I was scrubbing it. It sliced my finger open so I called for my husband and had him patch me up. I contemplated going to the hospital, which I can literally see from my house, but felt silly going for just a cut. Besides, I just had a tetanus shot a couple of years ago when I stabbed myself with a knife, also while I was washing the dishes.


Looking at it now, i’m thinking I should have gone to get stitches. Is it too late? I have no idea what the window of time is on stuff like that. We cleaned it out really well and put antibiotic cream and gauze on it. I’ve kept it covered, and am letting it breathe now so that hopefully it forms a scab. It hurts if I bend it too much or if I write, which sucks because it’s my right hand.

In other news, apparently I suck at committing to anything because I’ve already lost interest in my 365 project. On the bright side, I found the good camera and my photography books so I’m going to at least start reading and learning again.

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