I might be an official adult now.

Not only do we own a house, but we are also the proud owners of this beauty:


I can’t even tell you how excited I am about it. It has LED lights! And an automatic ice maker! And a compartment for frozen pizza!

I wonder when exactly this transition came about. When did I start enjoying appliances? When did they become valid gifts? My inner 16-year-old is rolling her eyes and popping her gum and asking why am I so, like, excited about a fridge? And my actual 30-year-old self is screaming back at her that it IS exciting because it’s MINE and I can fill it with wine, which by the way, she isn’t allowed to enjoy yet. There are some perks to being a grownup.

In other home appliance news, I am also loving the dustbuster that my dad got me for Christmas. For the record, I asked for one and he got me other less domestic and sexist gifts as well. It’s amazing. I love being able to quickly clean up the cat’s litter messes without having to drag out the behemoth vacuum cleaner, plug it in, put the attachment on, etc. etc. Makes my life so much easier.

One thought on “I might be an official adult now.

  1. A compartment for frozen pizza?! Adam would be all over that lol.

    It’s funny because for the first anniversary Adam and I had, I asked for normal things. The 3rd anniversary I asked for a rice maker, 4th a waffle maker and last year I asked for a new vacuum. I think appliances become exciting when you’re old enough to appreciate what they are good for, than you usually want the best and coolest. At least that’s why I got excited, cause I realized I could make waffles whenever I wanted them… if I just had a waffle maker! It can even make a panini! Yummmm

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