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The lovely view from my car during my lunch break.

I wrote a really long post earlier about how annoyed I am with the bloggers who feel they are qualified to discuss and comment on Christina and her decision. I’m debating posting it because it might just make things worse since my blog is linked in one of the comments. I’ve avoided commenting on any of their blogs because I don’t want to stress myself out trying to defend Christina and justify her choice. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow, maybe I’ll post it then. I just wish people would refrain from judging or commenting on things they know nothing about. I don’t think they realize that the person’s friends and family may read what they wrote and that it may be upsetting to someone who is still feeling very raw and emotional about the loss.

2 thoughts on “Frustrated.

  1. Not sure whether or not you should post but you know how I feel towards the blogs. I know people will judge things whether or not they have all the facts but it angers me so much. I get people have their opinions on her decision but it’s so frustrating when they try to talk about her as if they knew her… especially when they have the facts all wrong!

  2. I have no idea if I am one of the bloggers that has annoyed you. For your edification, I have commented on Christina Symanski’s death. I did so as a paralyzed person 33 years post injury and as a disabilities study scholar. If my words upset you I offer you my sincere apology. I tried to put her death in a larger cultural context. I was well aware the family might come across what I wrote and it was not my intention to upset you or create added stress in your life. Christina Symanski’s writing touched me deeply and I was very upset by her death. I know her only through her writing and sincerely hope her book will be published. I am sorry for your loss.

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