NKOTBSB – Round Two!

So remember how much I enjoyed the concert in June and said I wanted to go to the one in AC in July? Well. I pretty much stalked Ticketmaster for tickets to either that show, the one in Hershey, or the one on Long Island. A couple weeks ago, some really good seats popped up for AC, so I begged my husband and he gave in and tickets were purchased. My rationale was that there was a different opening act for this show: Matthew Morrison, aka Will Schuester from Glee! After our bad experience at the Glee concert, I had really low expectations.

We were on the road by about 5. We hit a bunch of traffic, got a little lost in the slums of AC, but still had time to hit the bathroom before finding our seats. We were 11 rows from the stage, but unfortunately my camera was not cooperating, so the pictures didn’t come out very good at all. I would also like to point out that there were four other men in our row alone, being good husbands/boyfriends.

Matt Morrison was great! I thought he was a little overdressed in the tuxedo, but he’s adorable AND he can actually sing!


When we first sat down, there were two older ladies sitting in the row behind us. They were both singing and dancing along to Matt Morrison, claiming that they were taking pictures for their teenagers. Eventually, some people showed up for those seats so the ladies moved into the empty seats next to us. A mother and daughter showed up, so they moved the first row of our section. They just kept seat-hopping the entire night! I couldn’t believe people actually do that. I would be so afraid of getting caught and kicked out!

That’s them — the woman in the green shirt and the lady on her left.

The NKOTBSB show was awesome, again. They did a couple different songs from the first time, but mostly it was the same. I actually got to enjoy it more because I already knew what to expect. We were seated on the wrong end of the row for when the BSB comes down through the audience (AJ and Howie came down on our side of the stage), but Nick and Joey McIntyre both walked through the aisle right in front of us. We were also seated in the middle section so when the NKOTB came out into the audience, Joey was in the section to our right, and Danny was in the section to the left. I was a little disappointed, but I really can’t complain since I did get to go to TWO shows and have now seen AJ, Nick, and Joey super up close.

I took a TON of videos, but I’m going to have to learn how to add those. Here are some pictures for now:











Also, I took a look at my blog’s stats and almost every single search term has been NKOTBSB related. Awesome!

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