Warning: I am a total geek in this post.

When I first heard that the BSB and NKOTB were getting together for a tour, I was beyond thrilled! I used to watch a video of a NKOTB concert over and over when I was younger, and I used to kiss my door-size poster of them goodnight before I went to bed. In high school/college, I went to 3 BSB concerts and loved them. Just the thought of these two combining almost made my brain explode.

Then my mom passed away and I lost the excitement and didn’t want to go anymore. I don’t know why exactly, but it felt almost wrong. About a month or so ago, my husband and I bought tickets to the Glee concert (this Friday! Eeek!) and I couldn’t get the NKOTBSB concert out my head. I figured I would go online and just see if there were any tickets left. There were, and they weren’t nosebleed seats either! I got in touch with a childhood friend of mine (with whom I saw the other BSB concerts) and asked if she would want to go. She said “probably” and then never got back to me. I decided once and for all that I wanted to go anyway, so I asked my husband if he would go with me, and because he is so awesome, he agreed.

The show was scheduled to start at 7:30 pm, and we were still sitting in traffic outside the theater at that point. I was a mess of nerves. We finally got parked and ran inside and found our seats. We walked in during the pre-opening act and I was relieved to know we hadn’t missed anything! Our seats turned out to be amazing, but I wouldn’t realize just how great they were until later that night. We were on the first level, about 4 rows up from the floor seats, right in front of the round stage that was connected by a walkway to the main stage.


Look! Proof that my husband wasn’t the only man there!

Jordin Sparks opened for them. She was actually pretty decent — I wasn’t overly excited about her at first, but she did a great job!



Then, finally, the show started and it was just amazing! They did all of their most popular songs and kind of took turns — they came out together at first, and then the BSB would do a song, then NKOTB, etc. It was so surreal seeing them all on the same stage at once. Plus, we were close enough that they were actual people-size! I’ve never seen anyone famous that close before — I could see their tattoos and their sweat and everything! The pictures really don’t do it justice — I had wanted to try and smuggle in the DSLR, but good thing I didn’t try because they searched each and every bag and even frisked people.





During one of the slower songs, they did the typical pick-a-girl-from-the-audience-and-bring-her-on-stage bit. Brian picked an adorable little girl, which is why he is my new favorite now that Kevin is too cool for the group (what a party pooper – it was weird only seeing 4 BSB).




So during this NKOTB song (I can’t for the life of me remember which one it was), they decided to leave the stage and disperse amongst the audience. I almost DIED when Joey McIntyre started walking toward our section! He jumped on the concrete wall that separated our section from the floor seats – FOUR rows right in front of me!




They all re-grouped on stage and I noticed that there were security people in the aisle on my right. They were roping off the seats on that side so that none of us could leave to go up those stairs. There were 2 girls separating me from the aisle. Obviously, when this started happening, everyone in our section turned to face the top of the stairs with cameras and cell phones poised and ready to capture whatever was about to happen. Well. Dear Internets, do you have any idea what happened next? Nick Carter and AJ McLean walked down those stairs. They both passed by not even a foot away from me. I could have slightly leaned over and easily licked Nick Carter’s face, that’s how close he was. My husband was yelling at me to put my hands out and touch them like everyone else was doing, but for some reason I restrained myself — maybe 10 years I would have done it. Instead, when Nick got a step below us, he turned around and looked me IN MY EYES and SMILED AT ME. I’ll take it! I’m blushing and getting all giggly just thinking about it now.



He really is very pretty in person. And AJ is very short.


Towards the end of the concert, they brought out a surprise guest: Naughty by Nature! Not that I was a huge fan, but still, how cool! My husband was thrilled that he decided to come, LOL.


And then before I knew it, they were doing the closing songs and the encore and it was time to go.




They’re doing another show down in AC next month. Is it crazy that I want to go?!

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