Eating My Emotions

>My friend Cyndi posted a blog today that I could really relate to about eating when you’re stressed out/angry/upset/whatever. I do this. I eat my emotions and think that I’ll feel better, but all I end up feeling is bloated and crampy and more depressed than when I began.

I wish I could be one of those people that loses their appetite when they’re stressed out, but I seem to get MORE hungry. And of course I’m not craving healthy foods like the veggies and hummus I have in the fridge. Oh no. I want fries and ice cream and chocolate. And those people who go for a run to relieve tension and stress? I’d much rather just lie on the couch and watch mindless television all day.

Depression is a nasty thing. I’m trying to fight it without meds and I’ve been doing pretty well the past few months. I’ve been praying a lot more and really trying to give my worries and anxieties up to God, but I still can’t help stressing about my mom no matter how much I try to leave it in God’s hands. I feel that desire to spend all day sleeping slowly creeping up on me but I’m fighting it. I walked a total of 4 miles this past weekend to push past it, and I’ve been trying to resist binging on junk food. I can do it. Eating too much cake is not going to make me feel better, nor is it going to make my mother healthy again.

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