Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

>Today our realtor broke up with us. I want to preface this post by saying that I absolutely do NOT blame him and I probably would have broken up with us too. This does not help me from feeling like a big fat loser.

When I deal with people, I try to be the exact opposite of the demanding, moronic, selfish, and rude travel agents that I have to put up with every day at work. To think that I am one of those people — the people who make me want to crawl under my desk and cry and/or throw my computer out the window just so that I don’t have to read their emails — makes me feel horrible. I don’t want to be the annoying client! I want to be the client that is a JOY to work with!

I get it, though. It’s been nine long months and we’ve seen probably close to a hundred houses and backed out of 3 deals (to be fair, I really think we made the right decisions with each of those). At this point, and at our price level, he probably would have OWED money instead of making any commission.

Mr. H couldn’t care any less. He thinks it doesn’t matter who we use as a realtor since we know what we’re looking for now. I kind of think it’s not even worth it to have a realtor. It’s just one more person to deal with and to feel pressured by. I don’t know. I’m burnt out on this whole househunting expedition and would be perfectly happy putting the whole thing on hold until next summer. That would give us an extra year to save money and might open up a new price range. Or maybe house prices will skyrocket and we still won’t be able to afford anything. Who knows?

One of my main reasons for wanting to hurry up and buy something is because we’re eager to start a family and we’re alreay a little cramped here as it is. But then I think that people live in apartments with babies all the time. It’s not like we’d be the first people to have to deal with that, and I’m sure we would survive.

2 thoughts on “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

  1. >Oh ya, we have a cramped little space but I would still have a baby if I wanted one (which I do, but that's another story). Do you have two bedrooms? I say it's doable!

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