12 Days and Counting

>I have been off my meds (Lexapro) for 12 days now and I have to say it’s actually going ok. I had a minor meltdown last Friday night when I couldn’t find anything to wear to Mr. H’s school’s graduation, and I’ve been more on edge, but otherwise ok. It’s hard to tell how good or bad I’m actually doing since there is so much insanity going on lately with work, the house, my mom, etc.

Going off of them was kind of an accident due to my laziness. I’m always a slacker about calling in the refills and end up missing a day or two every month. Anyway, I called in the refill and submitted it for a doctor call since I didn’t have any refills left. Two days later I got a call from the pharmacy but I just let it go to voicemail and never listened to the message. Mistake number one. As I was driving to the pharmacy a few days later, I was listening to a message from our annoying mortgage lady (I’m pretty sure that is her official job title, btw) and then heard the one from CVS telling me that my doctor refuses to refill my prescription until I go see him and waste $25 on a co-pay for me to tell him I need the crazy pills to keep me sane. I figure that if the Mister and I are planning on making a baby or two sometime this year, I’m going to have to lose the pills at some point anyway. Why not now, right?

Speaking of the house, I think it’s a no-go. They don’t want to make the repairs we asked for and they don’t want to give us enough at closing to do the stuff ourselves. We aren’t in love with the house enough to fight for it, so we’d rather just let it go and find somethig else.

Not to mention our attorney doesn’t even my name — she repeatedly called me Erica today — and she swears that Mr. H has MY last name (which would actually make him my DAD!) and that our realtor is a woman, despite the fact tht he is a man and they have had several phone conversations.

It seems as though this one just wasn’t meant to be and I am fine with that.

2 thoughts on “12 Days and Counting

  1. >A baby eh?! ❤ 1- Are you sure you'd have to go off the medicine if you got pregnant? 2- if it's just that specifc drug, wouldn't they offer you a safer alternative to hold you over? 3- You're supposed to ween off that stuff. Going cold turkey could be dangerous!You know I'm not gung-ho meeds, but I do think they help people that need them. I think the key is finding the right one for you and sticking to the recommended dosage. I hate taking pills, but I hate feeling miserable worse. As for the co-pay thing, I agree it's a rip off. Of course i'll support you either way. Just be careful. : )

  2. >I think Lexapro is safe to take while pregnant, but you know how the hubby is. Plus, I wouldn't want to risk it so it's better if I just get used to it now.Yes, I know I'm supposed to gradually wean off of it, but I didn't see the point in going to the doc just to tell him that and have to pay for the appointment and whatnot. Maybe I'm just lazy. I'm doing ok, though! I feel a difference, but I'm not letting it take over — I'm fighting through it.

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