I’m almost an official grown-up

>We made an offer on a house yesterday and it was accepted! It’s a super cute little blue house that is pretty much perfect for us, so here’s hoping that the inspection goes well and the big crack in the living room ceiling is nothing. Heh.

I’ve been frantically making phone calls all day to banks and attorneys trying to get everything straightened out. We HAVE an attorney (the father of one of Mr. H’s students) but his son had an accident and is in a coma — I kid you not — so he isn’t working this week. We only have THREE measly days for the attorney review process so we had to find a new attorney. She was recommended to me by two of my bosses and she seems nice and smart so I’m sure it will be fine.

Now we just need to find a mortgage with decent rates. I talked to someone at Chase today and thought he was awesome, and then I found out the rate he gave me was pretty high. Ass. I’ve already tried Wells Fargo (useless), I have unresolved issues with Bank of America, and TD Bank wants way more information than anyone else, which I do not like. Our realtor gave us the contact info for some mortgage broker who I’m pretty sure is either his BFF or a family member, but I didn’t like the guy. He seemed sketchy, but I didn’t know how to tell the realtor that without offending him. I kind of side-stepped the issue and never gave a concrete reason, just asking for a different broker. I’m waiting for her to call me now and I’m getting so impatient that I may just give in and call her in about 2 minutes.

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