The Pretty Girl’s Best Friend

>I have pretty much resigned myself to the fact that this is my role in life: to be the pretty girls’ friend. I was always the messenger in school, you know, the one that the boys would try to get information out of about all the popular girls, or the one that they would ask to put in a good word for them. Of course I helped them out because I’m nice like that, but also because I thought it would get them to like me.

I don’t know what it is about me, but I must put off some kind of vibe that makes me unapproachable. I mean, I know I have low self-esteem (practically non-existent), but logically I know I’m not horrible looking. Sure, I could lose a few pounds, but even when I was skinny I seemed to be invisible to men.

I shouldn’t complain because, hello? I’m MARRIED. I know that, and it is AWESOME and I love my husband more than life itself, but sometimes it really just sucks when I’m out with a girlfriend and they’re always the one getting hit on. I have never, ever been hit on. Ever. No, wait. I lied. I did get whistled at once by an honest-to-goodness crackhead in the city, and I was with the BFF who is disgustingly gorgeous. I bet she was jealous. But anyway, it’s not like I don’t appreciate the fact that Mr. H thinks I am the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, but sometimes it would be nice to get attention from other people just to prove to myself that I am not completely hideous.

I’m never the one that gets free dessert at restaurants or the one that gets drinks sent to her or even the one that gets approached by random men in stores or on the street or whatever. I hate when women complain about this kind of attention and make it seem like it’s sooo trashy and irritating. Hello?! People think you’re ATTRACTIVE! Take it as a compliment and move on.

When I was in Italy with Mary, we were sitting at the bar in our hotel in Rome and these two MARRIED British men came over to tell her how much she looked like Mariah Carey and how if they weren’t there with their WIVES they would come over and buy her some drinks. Cheesy and sleazy, yes. But still kind of flattering in a weird way. Then, when we were sitting at a little cafe in Florence, completely trashed and crying about who knows what, two Italian men and there English-speaking female friend come sit at the table next to us to tell her how beautiful she is. Now, Mary is pretty and she has ginormous boobs, but she’s also kind of a bitch. Is this what men look for? My goodness.

One thought on “The Pretty Girl’s Best Friend

  1. >I don't think it has anything to do with your looks. You're way prettier than you give yourself credit for! I think it's like you said, about giving off a vibe. I mean there are plenty of big girls (and not so hot) out there that get tons of attention. I used to see it all the time at clubs & bars. I think the reason those girls got the attention was because of how they carried themselves and not necessarily how great they looked. Guys like confidence. I'm sure if I wasn't bubbly & out going I wouldn't of gotten much attention growing up. When I think about, I also felt invisible those first few years of high school. It wasn't until I started feeling comfortable again, and showed my real personality that guys in OB took notice of me. I think your body language & facial expressions (eye contact or lack there of)are what guys notice first. If they think they're just gonna get blown off, or shot down, most guys won't even try. I remember a few guy friends from college admitting to me that I seemed snotty or bitchy & felt too intimidated to talk to me. It wasn't until they saw me with other people, or I approached them that they saw I was nice. Back then, I was trying to seem unapproachable because of Joey & it worked some times. The other thing you gotta keep in mind is the quality of the men that are paying attention too. I think when I'm myself, guys automatically mistake my friendliness as "easiness" and feel more inclined to approach me. Plus I tended to always dress pretty trendy and I was always fussing with my hair and makeup. It's not to say you don't dress nice, you do when you want to. The difference is I care soooo much about other people opinions that I couldn't bring myself to dress in sweats or a tee-shirt. I always felt the need to go overboard, in a way, and it helped draw attention to myself. I mean you certainly look way sexier when you wear a skirt, versus a pair of sweats. I don't think it's necessarily a good thing, that I feel hideous unless I'm all done up. My insecurities tend to push me to over compensate some times. Sure, I've had tons of strangers whistle at me, when I was on my feet, but we're not talking about doctors or lawyers, we're talking about college kids, drunks, construction workers, gas station attendants, and who knows what else. Of all the times that's happened to me, I can guarantee only 5% might of actually been date worthy.

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