Sleepovers, Sunburn, and Swelling

>We had our niece and nephew sleep over on Friday night. They’ve been asking for awhile, so we spent Thursday night cleaning the apartment top to bottom and then they came home with Mr. H on Friday after school. We took them to Pizza Hut and then we came back and the boys played video games while C and I watched movies on the computer. Mr. H and I passed out around 12:30 or so, but those two were up watching the end of Bedtime Stories and who knows what else. They passed out on the couch and probably only got a few hours of sleep since we had to be up at 8:30 to get C to ballet class. We met their parents there and hung out at the playground while C was in class, and then we went over to the baseball field for M’s game. I didn’t know we were going to be staying, and I didn’t realize we would be on the other side of the field, right in the sun. For two hours. If I had known this, I would have put sunscreen on. I think you can see where this is going.

Being blessed with practically transparent skin as a result of my Irish/Canadian/British heritage, I am no stranger to sunburn. I have had two major incidents over the years:

1. I was about 15 or 16 and the BFF and I were up at her house in the Poconos. We spent all day, everyday at the pool, so my mom had bought me a new bottle of sunscreen before I left. I was naive and sheltered so I didn’t even look at the bottle before using it. Good old Aunt Flo was visiting, and I was adamant about not using tampons, so I just hung out at the side of the pool while the BFF swan and whatnot. I slathered the sunscreen all over my legs. When we got back to her house that evening, I noticed that I was in an unbelievable amount of pain. I could hardly walk. I looked at my legs and they were a lovely shade of red and purple from mid-thigh right down to my toes. I spent that night with her mom spreading aloe and various other ointments all over my skin while I silently cried inside. The burns seriously did not go away for over a year.

2. Mr. H and I decided to play hooky one day from work when we were in college and we went to Dorney Park for the day. It was overcast and looked like it was on the verge of raining all day so I decided I didn’t need sunscreen. I knew this was not really the case, but I was too stubborn and lazy to walk back to the car to get it. I thought I would be fine even though he kept telling me I was getting red. I got home that night and my face was REALLY shiny and red. No big deal, I thought. I woke up the next morning and my face, scalp, ears, neck, shoulders, chest, and back were literally covered in tiny blisters. These blisters kept popping and bleeding. I couldn’t put clothes on because I was in so much pain, so I laid naked on the couch while my mom put aloe on me. Then she called the pharmacist and was informed that I had sun poisoning and aloe is the one thing you do NOT want to put on it. Great. So we wiped it all off, she headed over to the pharmacy and picked up some kind of lotion for me instead.

I am currently somewhere in between those two situations. No blisters, but my face is charred, as are my forearms and hands. I’ve been moisturizing, applying cold aloe, and using ice packs to reduce the swelling. Unfortunately I have to go to work tomorrow and am going to get made fun of like crazy when they see how red I am.

We didn’t have any aloe in the house last night, so Mr. H was kind enough to go with me to the store to get some. We got back a little after 9:30pm, which was when the Lakers game started. When we got out of the car, I jokingly told him to hurry up so he didn’t miss too much of the game. He was in a silly mood and started running all funny towards the door. He lost his footing, jammed his knee, and tumbled onto the ground. His palms are all shredded, his elbow is swollen to the size of a baseball, his knees are scraped, and he can’t put his full weight on his right leg. The two of us are just a complete mess right now.

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