I am a bad, bad blogger.

>I’ve been battling some kind of stomach bug all week and haven’t really had the energy or desire to post about anything interesting. Let’s do a quick re-cap of the week, shall we?

Tuesday: I was feeling kind of off all morning, like hot/cold/hot/cold and kind of dizzy. After lunch, I went to the bathroom. As I was flushing the toilet, I had the sudden urge that I HAD to throw up immediately and that is exactly what happened. In addition to coming out the normal way, it also came out of my NOSE and went all over the place. Naturally, I started crying because the burning pain in my nose was unbearable and I was cleaning up my own puke. Not fun. I walked back to my desk and told my boss I was taking the rest of the afternoon as a sick day and I went home. Some sleep and Harry Potter made me feel much better.

Wednesday: I get to work and my boss tells me he needs to talk to me and brings me into the conference room. OH MY GOODNESS I AM GETTING FIRED. I start freaking out. Did I forget to do something? Did I screw up another quote? Did they find out that I am wasting time on the internet all day? Nope, he just wanted to let me know that they’re sending me to Europe for a week. EUROPE. For FREE. I’m the only one in the office who has never been and it’s more than a little silly that I sell trips to places I have never even visited. So, they are sending me with Mary although I don’t know where we’re going yet. It will be somewhere with lots of train travel because we have free railpasses from one of our suppliers. I am keeping my fingers crossed for Italy. The only down side to this is that I have to spend the time with Mary. I’m thinking I’ll need to be drunk for most of the week just to get out of it without killing myself. Or her.

Tomorrow we’re meeting with our realtor to look at 5 houses! I am so excited, especially since they are apparently extending the $8000 tax credit. I was seriously bummed that we weren’t going to be able to qualify for it since it’s practically November already, but now we have until March. That plus the appliances tax credits are really going to help us a LOT.

One thought on “I am a bad, bad blogger.

  1. >sorry to hear you were/are sick! but Europe for free?? That's amazing!!!!!Hopefully you'll be able to sneak lots of touring time by yourself so Mary doesn't annoy the hell out of you!

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