Sunday Night Blues

>Day One of WW is going well, mostly thanks to the large quantities of wine I had last night and the nasty hangover I have today. I didn’t get out of bed until 2:00pm and all I’ve been able to stomach is two extra strength Tylenol and a couple glasses of iced green tea. I’m feeling up to eating now and am going to have leftover Portuguese food from last night (chicken fingers, rice, and fries). This will probably equal my entire points allowance for today, but I think it’s ok.

Mr. Husband hooked up the Wii for me and I had him guess how much I weighed before I got on. Do you know what he said? One-forty. This is why I love him so much. My guess was 166, but I said a secret silent prayer that I would be less than 160, and do you know what happened? The Wii told me I weight 156! Holy cow. That is still completely unacceptable to me, but it is only 6 pounds more than what I weighed before vacation in June. That means that an entire summer of eating horribly has only resulted in 6 extra pounds. Awesomeness.

I ended up doing 16 minutes of Wii Fit-ing and 20 minutes on the elliptical.

In other news, it is Sunday evening which means I am completely depressed and dreading work tomorrow. I long for the day that I can get some of these ideas in my head organized and down on paper, become a best-selling author, and never have to leave the house to work again. I know, wishful thinking.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Night Blues

  1. >I am dreading class tomorrow. And your talk of weight & exercise makes me feel lazy. Maybe I'll whip out my bollywood dance dvd!Stopping by from 20sb.

  2. >Weight loss and going to work are indeed heavy subjects. Look at the bright side of things, it could be worse – no food and no work ( as you know, your country is economically not in a good situation).

  3. >Last time I used my Wii Fit, the icon went from skinny to having a big bulge in the stomach area. It was definitely a knock on my self esteem and I haven't played since.

  4. >Meg — A Bollywood dance video sounds like fun!DUTA — Oh, yes, things could be much worse! I am grateful I even have a job, even if it's one I don't like.Wonderful — My Mii has a pudgy belly and a flat chest. I am sure that the Wii is mocking me.HeyMeg — Mine chastised me for being gone for 74 days and pretended to forget my name, too!

  5. >i used my friends wii fit once, and it was horribly insulting. haha. i did enjoy that head butting soccer game though (that's wii fit right?)i am afraid to ever play it again though because it will totally get mad at me…

  6. >Meg (so many 'Meg's on Blogger!) — Yup, that's Wii Fit. My husband is insanely good at that soccer game. I miss pretty much everything except the panda heads.

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